What our friends say?

Slavica Mihalić, Croatia
Slavica Mihalić, Croatia

This course reminded me on how powerful we are and how we are fully in charge of our life choices. What the course did is it helped me to understand and by that, remove most of my barriers so I was able to achieve goals I set for myself both personal and professional. By raising the awareness, course unlocked my life energy to its full potential. I was able to feel truly inspired, motivated and genuine about myself and life achievements in front of me. It is a truly revealing experience. Ultimately, this course brought back focus, clarity, inspiring motivation to my daily activities which resulted in living more fulfilled and meaningful life.


I learned a lot about myself, all levels of my existence and also my brain. Every hour that was passing, the teaching became more interesting, and Wilbert went deeper and deeper into the topic. I learned a lot about ethics and how important it is to check my results versus my ethics in order to create with ease and in harmony. I never thought about it this way before. I literally feel that my awareness grew. I am curious to start using the techniques, and how they will affect me. Overall, great course. I would recommend it to anybody.

2015 anonymous participant, Croatia


The Results Course completely surprised me with its teachings. I received some priceless techniques and insights into better understanding myself and the world around me. What is more, I kept repeating the course for three times and seems that it is so deep and wide that I could attend countless times and still enjoy and discover something new.

Ana Babić, Croatia


A complex and profound course which made me rethink most of my beliefs and convictions. While doing this course I experienced some extremely illuminating moments. This course is a loyal everyday companion especially during times of crisis.

Ana Berković, Croatia


The power I experience at the Results Course, to co-create all that is happening in my life, was so great that I started questioning my own desires!

When you realize what you can actually do with your life, you start asking yourself: “Do I honestly want that?”

Some desires disappeared right then, at the course. Others, that were really important to me in the end, I defined more clearly, and I was able to relax. There is no reason to run around in the airplane. I know it will take me where I want to go so I am just enjoying the ride.

Wilbert started teaching the Results course long before all this “positive thinking” and “self-help” psychology hype started. What he shares was proven to work in his life and in the life of participants that have done the course in the last 30 years. It is based on laws of spiritual and material energy in this universe. You will understand how and why things manifest in your life and you will receive a manual and techniques to help you on your personal path to manifesting the life you want.

If you ever dreamed of having a Genie that will grant your every wish, you will finally have one now, so be careful about what you wish for, because you may actually get it!

Zvonimir Grubišić


Be warned. I know that this program will change you. And I haven’t even attended the course. 

What now seems a long time ago I cooperated with Wilbert to create a new manual for the Results Course, immersing myself in retyping the old material and working on a new layout and form of presentation. One way of bypassing my ego mind, haha! After all, I wasn’t really doing the course. Right? 

“Right,” whispered the friendly idea demons inside the workbook. “Never mind us. Just do the work.” 

Next thing I remember is that something deep inside me went “oooh” when I was positioning the picture of a spiral that explained the concept of creative tension. And in hindsight, I swear I could hear a little idea demon chuckle in the background.

As I progressed with the material, I increasingly related what I was working on to my own concept of how things work, to how I create and co-create. The “oooh” places just kept appearing, and my own experience began to slot into what was being presented. Things that previously overwhelmed me were beginning to make sense. Somewhere in the ether, a whole council of friendly idea demons applauded with a satisfied grin. 

I can now see that this was when I began to trust… trust myself, trust the creative process. Be comfortable with the idea that there is a limitless sea of possibilities outside my current box and that accessing it involves the willingness to identify my true desires, the courage to dive into the unknown, the flexibility and humor to dance with what I encounter, and the patience to allow things to evolve organically. Did I mention the humor?

I want to acknowledge and thank Wilbert for all his precious teachings that have changed my life – this is one of them, and shot from the hip, too! 🙂 Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go and rejoin the party before my idea demons take off and celebrate my success without me. I can’t possibly sit still any longer with all that racket going on. Peace out, y’all.

Eva Wolfram


After all these many many years, I still use the skills I learned from the Results Course!

Joleen Bishop, Results Course graduate from 1982. 


I attended the Results Course 20 years ago. Attending the Results Course changed my life forever. The program content was exactly what I needed to hear at a time when my life was very unstable.

The Results Course consisted of learnings about Neuroscience, Psychology, Philosophy, Communication, Love, the World and much more… all in a very interesting way because Wilbert is a very talented, intelligent, compassionate communicator who sprinkles his teaching with humor and a lightness that makes it easy to learn and understand even hard concepts. 

To me the Results Course was what I needed to guide me through my then unstable life. I learned to live life successfully by achieving goals that I previously believed impossible. Surprisingly the techniques of the program are practical and easy. I believe that anyone is ready to put forth some efforts and time to practice the exercises that are instructed in the class, results and goals can really be achieved. Wilbert used to advise me to have a goal even if I was unclear about how this goal would be achieved. I learned that the brain is a very powerful organ that does a lot with a little bit of push and direction from my part.  Wilbert taught me to not focus on the work or the ‘how was I going to achieve’ my goal but rather to see the outcome. Focusing on the work or the ‘how’ always got me more work and usually no results… or at least delay me achieving my result. It was so simple! The workshop is loaded with these kinds of very practical and effective techniques plus useful information that I could immediately apply to my day-to-day life.

Attending the Results Course with Wilbert Alix was one of the best investments I made in my life. The benefits I reaped are forever.  Thank you Wilbert for helping people live happier lives, God Bless you!

Nadia Bekka, United States – 2014


I recommend taking the Results Course if you are sincere about changing the results in your life. The course teaches you to be honest with yourself, to be curious about and question your beliefs and priorities in your life. My most surprising discovery was the realization of how much of my power I had given away, and how to reclaim it. Wilbert Alix is one of my most favorite teachers and mentors. His teachings and views always challenged me and facilitate my digging deeper into my own psyche. Wilbert is a guide, he supports, challenges and teaches you how to do the inner work yourself. I highly recommend this program.

Shervin Hojat, Austin, Texas


One of the best courses I have done in my life. After taking the Results Course achieving my results became something much more ecological to me. Thank you Wilbert Alix!

Jose’ Almeida, Lisbon, Portugal, Partner at Ideias e Desafios