People come into the Results Course with all kinds of ambitions. Money is obviously one, especially in the western culture. People are working on their relationships, their health, their career which usually has something to do with money but many times not. Sometimes people come in and they want their life to have a deeper meaning, a broader purpose. Some have reached a point where they don’t have to acquire so much money anymore and they are trying to figure out what they are going to do with it. People come to the Course for all kinds of reasons.

But when you break it down, it is about your relationship to power, what has had power over you in your life, what have you surrendered your power to, how comfortable or uncomfortable you are about power. Because, even money is an element of power. And if you are not comfortable with power, usually it is very difficult to attract it to yourself.

So the course is really about the principles of attraction. And attraction is not just something you decided you want to have, it is how you are.

When I was young we called it vibes. That was a really common word. We used it a lot in terms of yin yang attractions “he/she has good vibes.” Vibes is the principle of attraction.

And so, if you think about the dynamics of why one person seems to have things without even thinking about it, and another person slaves towards it and never gets it, you realize it is not all just a decision. It has to do with what emanates from you. It has to do with the place in which you live in your Core. And then what happens is – you either attract or repel things based on that. In order for you to truly embody the principles of manifesting – it is not just a simple decision of writing it on paper and saying OK “I want that.” You have to be willing to alter yourself really at your Core. The Results Course is about altering yourself at your Core. It has principles and techniques that if you are willing to practice them, they will alter you at your Core.

I hear a lot about this kind of attempts to attract: imagine your partner next to you every day until it happens.


Especially the partner thing! I remember once, I was teaching a relationships course and talking about the principles of manifestation. And there was one women listening to me and at one point she raises her hand and she said: “Are you are telling me that I can have my life any way I want it?” I said: “Yes, essentially this is what I am telling you.” And then her next line was: “But John won’t change! John will not change.” And I said to her: “Listen, I said that youcan have your life any way you want it. Why are you stuck on John? Why do you think John is the only doorway to you having your life the way you want it to be?”

That example exists in so many places in lives. We have acquired some obsession about something as to how our life is going to be happy and we are stuck on it. And now we are disappointed that it is not happening that way. Why do you think that is the only way?

Let’s take money for example. People think that money comes from certain principles that they learned in their life and in cultures in which they grew up. A common one is hard work. Work hard and you get money. You know what – go ask the world, people who work hard, whether or not that is really true. That is not really true! The attraction is not because of hard work. Something else is going on with this people.

Or love. Why is it that certain people are so full of and surrounded by love? And then some people – always searching, searching, searching. It has nothing to do with effort. It has to do with a hidden principle that exists within human beings that is so much apart of their Core that they could not attract this. The question is – what is it that’s blocking you from that?

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