I was asked recently why we called this course Results Course, not Goal Course.

Well, there is a difference between a result and goal. There are a lot of goal courses in the world.

A result is higher than a goal.

Goals are things that we WANT to happen.
Results are what ACTUALLY happen.

The result is actually what is.

Results put you in reality. And you always want to be in touch with reality! Because, only from that point it is possible to create the next level. When you are not in touch with reality, you end up drifting in this kind of fantasy of what you hope your life would be.

If I am sitting in the chair preparing to walk, without acknowledging that I am actually sitting, then I will make a walking movement while sitting down. So, my first step will be to fall on my face. Why? Because I am not coming from reality, the place of now. I took a stand up move while sitting down. This example is quite accurate because this is where most people faulter – from the very beginning by not telling themselves the truth.

I hear fairly frequently from my students that they attempt something but do not get what they intended. They say: “Yeah, I tried that and I didn’t get a result.” And my answer is always “No, no – you got a result! You just got a result you don’t like! Of course you did get the result you wanted. You’re not telling yourself the truth. You are telling yourself you didn’t get a result because you think it should have been something else.” The fact is – we always get results! And only when you are in the moment about this is it possible for you to do the next appropriate thing.

So, a simple way of saying this is – you really have to tell yourself the truth.

The Result is what happens. It’s what is.

I hear often the question: how do I live in the moment?

If you want to get into the moment it is really not too difficult to understand; to do it is another story, but if you want to live in the moment, it’s very simple. There are two things you must be willing to do every day from this moment on – all the time.

1. Forgive quickly, don’t hesitate.
2. Tell the truth fast, don’t hesitate.

If you do these two things consistently you will end up living in the moment all the time, or as close to being in the moment that is humanly possible and reasonably still function in culture. Of course most people don’t forgive quickly and we are intimidated about what will happen to our relationships if we tell the truth, fast or not. We are living in a world of people who are deceptive. And this context of life doesn’t support a person’s soul being present.

One student once said to me: “But if I am not present, or in the moment, all the time, it sounds like I am postponing my life.”

What you are doing actually is postponing the awareness of the possibility of how rich your life could be. You’re not postponing your life. You have a life! You may not like a lot of what your life as presented to you up to this moment, but you do have a life!

You’ve just missed the possibility of how rich your life could be. And I am not just talking about financially richer. I have had a lot of people participate in the Results Course, also people with a lots of money, and they to are struggling with the same life issues that everybody else is talking, they just do it with money. They are also frequently unhappy, emotionally drained, they also lack direction, question the depth of their own existence, they are also afraid of death. These are also things that we must reconcile about life and living life more in the moment is the best place to receive what life has to reveal.

It is a challenge to live in the moment, and most people go through their lives afraid of this challenge for 20 years, 30 years, 40 years, 50 years. Then somewhere after our mid-birth we all reach this moment in our life where we realize all the shit we have done to avoid reality, thinking that you could come up with some new trick that nobody else has figured out. Eventually we all end up in this place where we throw our hands up in the air and say “You know, I have really got to start telling the truth, what do I have to lose.”

You see, when we are younger we believe we have too much to lose to reveal that we really don’t have it all together. So this is when and where we begin to be false. When you’re older and more mature hopefully you realize that they don’t have so much to lose because in the end everything we have is given. So you actually end up realizing something important about life, it was all for the purpose of evolving, an opportunity to find authenticity, to cultivate a soul. If you had realized this earlier your life you would have been much richer.

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