CREATIVE people are capable of OPENING up their minds wide enough to embrace possibilities beyond what is commonly believed as possible or real. They manifest results by conscious choice, and they manifest in harmony.

These are the individuals who have a clear direction of their life, who create positive, consistent and powerful movement in their lives, in the lives of others and in communities and cultures they live in. Others usually perceive them as authentic, powerful, inspirational, present and conscious LEADERS and INNOVATORS.

Yet, some people believe this is impossible for them.

It is not magic! It is your mind.

One vital principle of the creative process, is that our thoughts create our reality. Therefore, all results in our lives are created by our thoughts. Whether we are consciously or unconsciously creating the thought, we are the cause and, therefore, the creator of the result.

Understanding this as a concept – a dormant idea in the brain waiting to grow – is just not enough for mastering the creative process. But, consciously experiencing it, gives one the power and joy that comes with manifesting results we want.

Embrace the benefits that emanate from a truly focused and disciplined mind.

Some people start creating their results with great enthusiasm, but become easily distracted and-or lose their initial excitement. Some decide to create movement towards the results they want, but experience commitment as tedious, boring, stressful and limiting. Others feel incapable of creating what they want and quit or feel like failure.

The majority, tough, compromises what they really want for “what is possible”. These people continuously move within their wall of beliefs, creating only predictable results.

The Results Course teaches how to concentrate unfocused thought to create movement toward the results you want. Focused, concentrated thought also enables you to go beyond your most limiting judgement you make – your definition of yourself.

You will learn how to use your thought as a vehicle to overcome the concept of failure, how to easily create commitment, and navigate OUTSIDE your wall of beliefs to create results in ways that are normally considered impossible.

Innovation lies beyond what we already see.

It is one thing to create an atmosphere or process for innovation, and quite another to actually create a personality that is capable of being innovative.

Innovation is the courage to do something the wrong way… because the right way has already been done. Being able to withstand both personal and social disagreement (scrutiny) is what allows innovation to flourish. 

Most of the western cultures have created a mental style of thinking that is right angled (right or wrong), not circular. Circular thinking flows. It’s about creation.

The Results Course is an education in circular – free, creative – thinking. It is thinking that is unencumbered by historical restrictions.

Grow ideas beyond your brain.

What is commonly unfamiliar is that our brain is the receiver of thought, not the creator of thought. Yet, most people experience their ‘mind’ as being locked up in their brain. So, they become overly analytical. And overly analytical people never grow beyond what their brain can understand, thus what they believe is possible.

Western brains have developed away from their original mystical roots. We now (overly) rely on the need for “proof” before trusting ourselves enough to act. This has resulted in a “show me and I’ll believe it” mentality rather than a “believe it and it will show” state of consciousness. But, in order to evolve, we must see the future we intend to manifest…before it actually appears.

Through the Results Course process, participants are guided into developing the “believe it and it will show” mindset. This course is about empowerment of one’s creative energy to expand their manifesting ability. To grow beyond where you are now.

Reduce blind spots, implement progress.

In the field of ophthalmology there is a condition referred to as SCATOMA. A scatoma is a blind spot… something that is there but is blind to the observer. The term also refers to an attention distraction phenomenon where we miss the obvious.

In fact we all live with scatomas. What this implies is that reality is rarely ever perceived in its entirety. In the Results Course we teach techniques that reduce scatomas in those areas of life where you want to progress the most. The overall affect is an increase in perception and therefore an increase in obtaining results.

It is simple and practical.

Information taught in this course is based on proven scientific principles found within both physics and progressive psychology. Yet, the Results Course is taught in a simple and practical way that EVERYONE can comprehend and implement in their daily lives. The Results Course makes the principles of creativity and manifesting available to everyone in a simple way.

You will walk away with tangible tools (not just ideas or concepts) that can be immediately applied to improving your life. After the 3-day course, you will receive a manual and daily exercises to apply the teachings and methods learned. 

 Join, and discover the deeper ethics and responsibility we have to LIFE.

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